About PLR Printables Bazaar

Hi! I’m Libbii!

Welcome to PLR Printables Bazaar

I am a creatrix extraordinaire! If I’m not creating something, then I’m writing something. Being multi-passionate, I’m a writer, artist, crafter, designer, and life and business coach. I’ve built multiple businesses from the ground up and have helped plenty of other people to do the same.

But I’m also passionate about empowering others through coaching business owners who are ready to take their lives into their own hands by building something that fulfills them on all levels. I believe that everyone has a creative inner voice – it just takes time for some of us to listen! It is my hope that the products and resources listed on PLR Printables Bazaar will help you create the life of your dreams.

As an immigrant from South Africa, I’m now living out my American Dream in New England with my cats, African Grey parrot, and loving husband.

I am a published author and create and sell a variety of books on Amazon KDP. I also have a Handmade on Amazon shop where I sell handcrafted leather accessories that I create with my husband; as well as a Shopify store, Celtic Bazaar, where I also sell clothing, printables, jewelry, and more.

I love exploring the spiritual realm with my tarot cards, crystals, meditation, and connecting with my intuition.

To share my passion for everything witchy and spiritual, I founded the Collective Witchery – a monthly membership site for witchy business owners – and The Spell of the Month Club, a monthly digital spellbook subscription with printable pages on crystals, herbs, alchemy, tarot spreads, and journal prompts.